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Restore your Follows from Twitter/X in BlueSky

As we all know X, née Twitter, is turning more and more into a shitshow. Time to move on to other platforms! Sadly, the people I used to follow flock into all sorts of directions: be it LinkedIn, Mastodon, BlueSky or all of them. Since BlueSky is currently invite only and I'm not the kind of person chasing after invites, I had no presence there yet. But last week at Smashing Conf Antwerp I met Claudia and she granted me with an invite. Thanks a bunch! So here I am:

Reinstating your Twitter/X followings on BlueSky #

While thanks to the Movetodon project it was easy to re-follow everyone on Mastodon that I followed on Twitter/X - back in the day when the Twitter API still worked, nowadays there's only Fedifinder and the Chrome plugin Sky Follower Bridge left to reconnect with your followings on BlueSky. The problem with both: you need to click a button for every single person you want to re-follow. There is no "follow them all" button. But when you follow almost 5.000 people on Twitter/X, that's just not feasible! So I did what a front-end developer does, and wrote myself a script to execute in the browser console which works together with the Sky Follower Bridge plugin and automates the process of following the people dug up by it.

Give me the Code #

First make sure to install Sky Follower Bridge and to bring it to work by running it on your Twitter/X "Following" page and then feeding it with a BlueSky app password, which you can generate here. Once the first "Follow on BlueSky" buttons appear, open the browser devtools, run this script and give it some time to work itself through all your followings:

const wait = (milliseconds) => new Promise((resolve) => {
  window.setTimeout(resolve, milliseconds);

const clickMoreButton = () => new Promise((resolve) => {
  const lookForButton = () => {
    const loadMoreButton = document.querySelector('.bsky-reload-btn');

    if (!loadMoreButton) {
      window.setTimeout(lookForButton, 200);




const followAllResults = () => {
  const followButtons = Array.from(document.querySelectorAll('.action-button:not(.action-button__being)'));

  return followButtons.reduce(async (acc, button) => {;

    await wait(200);

    return true;
  }, Promise.resolve());

const run = async () => {
  await followAllResults();
  await clickMoreButton();
  await wait(2000);

  return run();

await run();


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